The Best Hunting Dogs And Their Breeds

The Best Hunting Dogs And Their Breeds

Rayloriga – In addition to being able to be used as a guard animal, this dog is also used for hunting. This type of hunting dog will help you detect the presence of prey when you are engaged in hunting activities. Not all hunting dogs are required to have a large body, but there are some important aspects to this dog, such as:

– His hunting instincts are sharp.
– Speed.
– And of course it has great durability.

Characteristics of a large hunting dog

Here are some of the characteristics of a large hunting dog according to the University of North Sumatra, including:

– The ears of the dog must be erect, provided with a slightly short tail and must be upright. Due to these characteristics, the dog is known to have a good ear.
– Having navels behind the ears should be a pair or they should not be smooth or not at all.

For physical fitness, namely:

– Body a little big
– Long body
– Large chest of flowers accompanied by thick legs and short nails.
– If all of the above characteristics are present in a dog, the dog is considered excellent in the field of hunting.


At the moment, there are two types of hunting dogs, namely dogs that depend on their sight and smell. Here are two types of hunting dogs, including:

1. Hunting dogs

As its name suggests, this hunting dog relies on its sense of smell or nose to track down its prey. In addition to having a highly developed sense of smell, this dog also possesses extraordinary speed as a guard dog. This dog loves to find his prey to the point of hiding. If the prey has been found, this dog does not hesitate to kill it immediately. But if not, he will bark loudly for the owner to come closer to him. But for actions like this usually only in dogs that have been trained. While hunting and searching for prey, this dog often barks. Your objective is to help hunters follow in your footsteps. It is also believed that the ears of this type of dog can collect air and odor around the head. Therefore, this dog is easy to detect the scent of its prey.

The types of dogs classified as bloodhounds are:

– American Foxhound
– Beagle
– dog
– Harrier
– Otterhounds and others.

2. Dogs on sight

Unlike before, this dog relies more on his sense of sight and speed. Hunting dogs or also called hunting dogs evolved and were bred to have two main abilities, namely vision and speed. This method of hunting dogs is also known as the “course”. In other words, this dog will be careful and stalk its prey from a distance. It then stalks its prey at the nearest distance. Then they will hunt him down and kill him right away. This type of dog usually hunts alone. This type of dog has a slender but graceful stature. His hunting instinct seemed unstoppable. Despite her training, this dog breed will continue to rape and choose to pursue what she deems attractive to her.

Different types of greyhounds, including:

– Afghan Hound, Borzoi (Russian wolfhound)
– Greyhounds
– Irish Wolfhound
– Magyar Agar (Hungarian Greyhound)
– Saluki (Persian Greyhound)
– Scottish Greyhound
– Silk Wind Dog
– And others.

Best hunting dog

Here are some of the best hunting dogs in the world, including:

1. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador is one of the most famous hunting or bird dogs in the world. Where this dog could have helped hunters find and collect their prey. This breed has the characteristics of being very energetic, enthusiastic and loyal. They are resistant to extreme climates like cold, even it is also able to swim in cold water. Besides being used as a hunting companion, this dog is also very good to use as a family friend.

2. Beagle

The beagle dog is a hunting dog that has the ability to smell prey very surprisingly. In addition, it also has a very loud howling sound. So you can help hunters find out where it is. Aside from being used as a hunting companion, this dog is also very good at being used as a good family friend.

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